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Southwest Bio-Labs:   Chile Pepper Testing Lab

Southwest Bio-Labs, Inc. Scoville Heat Testing Lab for Pepper Products

What Happens when we receive samples for Scoville Testing?

Agilent HPLC

Sample Receiving

All samples are checked in and given unique sample numbers.

Processing (Grinding, Puree, etc.)

All samples must be ground, pureed, or blended to ensure a homogeneous mixture. Processing a sample also allows for optimal Capsaicinoid extraction.


Pepper Products all have one thing in common, capsaicinoids.  Casaincinoids are the compounds that we know make chile peppers spicy or hot.  In order quantify the heat of a pepper product, the capsaicinoids must be extracted using a solvent.  We follow ASTA Method 21.3, Pungency of Capsicums and Their Oleoresins

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

The method used to analyze the capsaicinoid concentration is called  liquid chromatography.  The instrument/method  used is commonly called an HPLC or High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.  This method separates compounds, allows us to identify the 3 major capsaicinoids, and then measures the concentrations of the extract.  We follow ASTA Method 21.3, Pungency of Capsicums and Their Oleoresins

Quality Control

Quality Control (QC) samples are run throughout all sample runs as well as duplicates of all samples to minimize bias.  We also participate in blind proficiency testing with the ASTA Check Sample Program quarterly.


Final quality checks are performed and a PDF file of the report is emailed to the customer.

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